3 Kitchens in One

kitchens created in revit


If you want to create your dream Revit kitchen in the shortest possible way in REVIT and still have million possibilities, you are at the right place. I have created 10 fully parametric Revit Families and with just few clicks you can created and change everything very easy and fast. If you want have all 3 kitchens in one package with all materials and textures included you can buy it down below.

Full tutorial how to make this kitchen, you can go  here.

More similar projects, please see my portfolio  here.

If you want to purchase these models with all Revit Families, you can buy it here on site for only 29.99€, after recieved order i will send Revit model created in Revit 2018 with textures and materials, which are also included. Thank you and i hope you’ll like it 🙂